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Full-Service Technology Consulting

Whether you've only got a few small servers or you're thinking about spinning up a new cloud service or managing multi-site Datacenter footprints, the experts at AutoMagic can help you make the right decisions to build for the future!

Technology Services:

-Technology Strategy Consulting / Network Design

-Environment Assessments and Health Checks

-Infrastructure and App Design

-Environment Management Design and Implementation

-Data Backup/Protection Design and Implementation

-Workload Analysis and Consolidation

-Infrastructure Automation Design and Implementation

-Technology Training

-Technology Documentation

-Project Management

-Staff Augmentation

Business Analysis and Consultation

Running a business is hard enough; making a business operate efficiently, cleanly, and adaptive/resilient to constant change is a whole new world. At AutoMagic, we understand technology, business, global markets and how they each interact with one another. Most importantly, we understand the need to make things simpler for you and your customers so you can focus on what your business does best. Through our dedicated analysis and consulting practices, AutoMagic can help you find and eliminate bad processes or general business operations that may be damaging your revenue stream or burden cost model(s).

Business Consulting Services:

-Business Strategy Consulting

-Process Analysis (Whole or Targeted)

-Workflow Analysis (Whole or Targeted)

-Process Design, Testing and Implementation

-Process/Workflow Automation Design, Testing and Implementation

-Micro-App Design and Development

-Process/Strategy/Structure Mapping and Documentation

-Culture Change Workshops and Training

And Much More...

Stop waiting for a miracle! Let's put the magic back into your business! Contact us to learn more and schedule a consultation today!

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